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Done in MS paint, no shading, simplistic.

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A Day without Sadness :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 3 0 A Day of Sorrow :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 7 2 Kittens of Tacos :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 2 0 Merry Christmas KuraiNatome! :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 2 5 Creepy Pony Auction :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 5 6 Zela :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 3 5 - :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 3 1 *REQUEST* DoctorPie Stamp :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 10 10 *REQUEST* Anti-ShiningMac :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 27 50 *REQUEST* Anti-RarityBelle :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 24 25 Random OTA's :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 1 2 My Part of le Collab :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 2 0 Custom one :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 2 1 1 POINT CUSTOMS :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 1 6 Neon Adopts + CUSTOMS OPEN :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 1 3 Neon Apocalypse :iconfairykitties22:FairyKitties22 1 2
Easy Button Stamp by ChimpantalonesAnti-Slash Incest by genkistamps


Wait Till Marriage :iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 221 248
Molestia is not Harmless
"A letter directed at defenders of Molestia: 
I don't mean to sound accusatory here; I understand that it's easy to fall into this line of thinking, of "Oh this is okay, I can laugh at this" because of how certain actions are portrayed in fiction. 
I, myself, once upon a time, thought it was really funny when a girl "agressively flirted" with an unwilling boy (i.e. the Kanker Sisters of Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy)... until I learned that females could sexually harrass males. And not only that, but many people will either ignore or laugh off real-life cases of female-on-male sexual abuse. Now I can't watch episodes of EEnE with the Kankers without feeling sick. 
Yes, morally ambiguous - even downright depraved - characters can be done right. Dr. Venture and Beetlejuice are just the first examples to immediately come to mind. The same can even go for hilariously monstrous villains like the Joker; or hell, even Discord prior reformation. 
But in my book, there are a
:iconkomatsuzaki-xingqi:Komatsuzaki-Xingqi 5 9
. :icondubinova:DubiNova 491 647
Meme time: controversy
Controversy meme, stolen from MetalShadowOverlord
001. Do you have the guts to answer these questions and re-post as The Controversial Survey?
Oh I'm sure it won't be that bad...
002. Would you do meth if it was legalized?
Fuck no. Drugs like that are idiotic, and people are idiots for doing them.
003. Abortion: for or against it?
Against, accept for certain extreme cases, like rape. Sex makes babies. If you can't deal with it, neuter yourself. The world would appreciate it.
004. Do you think the world would fail with a female president?
Shit, the worldcountry is failing with a male president.
005. Do you wish marijuana would be legalized already?
I don't smoke it, I don't condone smoking, and I really hate pot culture, but I don't really care. Cigarettes should be illegal, if anything, given all the crap they put in those.
006. Are you for or against premarital sex?
I think people should wait until they're in love to have sex. I can't
:iconramen27:Ramen27 1 8
Dear sick fucks, :iconramen27:Ramen27 464 507 stamp - It's just the same :icondanielbauwens:danielbauwens 13 216 I don't know. :iconcookie-and-her-foxes:Cookie-and-her-foxes 4 7
MiniFic - Zela and Simisage
"I think now is a pretty good time to talk to you about boys."
The young Buizel girl stared at her father for a moment before making a face. "Daddy!"
"Hey now, this is actually important." Simisage sat down next to his daughter, who was pouting and had her arms crossed. "So, Zela, can you listen to me?"
Zela looked over at him, then slowly nodded. "Okay…"
"Thank you." Simisage smiled. He'd noticed that on multiple occasions when picking her up from playgroup, it was becoming clear that Zela was developing a crush on Audino's son, a Marill. She was still too young for 'the talk', but old enough to understand what having feelings for a boy felt like. "I wonder… do you like Marill?"
Zela turned beet red. "N-no! No, no, no, no, no, n--" She suddenly jumped to her feet and pointed a paw at Simisage's face. "Don't you dare tell anyone! This is a secret for Daddy only, okay?" She looked around, then leaned forward and whispered: "Yes. Secret, okay?"
Simisage nodded at her. "Yeah.
:iconludiculouspegasus:LudiculousPegasus 5 6
Maou and Merui :iconludiculouspegasus:LudiculousPegasus 107 8 Its Called RESPECT :iconsionnadehr:SionnaDehr 27 44 It will not get better. :iconramen27:Ramen27 182 78 I am an open minded person :iconi-take-it-back:I-Take-It-Back 362 80 My experience :iconi-take-it-back:I-Take-It-Back 53 179


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In hindsight I'm so glad I left the internet.

Excluding my friends, I miss you all dearly, but I can't be here anymore.


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Straight Pride Flag V.2 by Blues-Eyes

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